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Functional Wellness Nutrition

Learn how to add in food upgrades and eliminate inflammatory foods to make permanent changes that put you in charge, rather than having food control you. 

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Cynthia Furnberg has been practicing functional medicine and hormone balancing as a nurse practitioner since 2005.

In doing so, she saw how much nutrition affects metabolic markers, biochemistry, and overall health, so she went back to school to get her Master of Science Degree in Human Nutrition. 

She then obtained her Certified Nutrition Specialist credential.  This is the highest certification you can receive as a nutritionist (requiring a Master's in Nutrition and 1,000 hours of counseling and treatment to even take the exam). 

In treating her patients, she saw the need for more extensive support in nutrition, which led her to open Well With Nutrition where she sees patients solely for nutritional counseling to increase their foundation of health.

Well With Nutrition on The Doctors TV show on NBC

The Doctors TV Show Logo

Cynthia Furnberg, MS, CNS was contacted by the The Doctors show about providing Well With Nutrition's 10-week program to Aracely for her continuing quest to lose weight. And they surprised Aracely with the program on the TV show. Watch the show segment above!


Nutritional Telehealth:

6 Week Weight Loss / Health Gain Telehealth Program for $675
(Save $125 off the regular price of $800!)

Six sessions for up to One Hour Telehealth Appointments
Free Food Intake Tracking Software (with goals, macronutrient and caloric breakdown)




Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation for New Clients

Schedule a free phone consultation of up to 15 minutes, if you are a new client, to find out more about nutritional programs, or how she may be able to help you with any nutritional concerns!

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Nutritional Telehealth Consult for up to One Hour for $130

Do you have nutritional concerns you would like to address and don't need a full program?

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Nutritional Lab Review with Telehealth Consult for up to 90 Minutes for $175

Do you have questions about the supplements that you are taking, or do you want a nutritional review of your labwork with your one hour Telehealth consult?  If so, book this option.

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Nutritional Telehealth Consult for up to 30 minutes for $75 for          Existing Patients Only

Do you have a questions on your mind that you would like to get answered, then book this option!

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Testimonials About Cynthia Furnberg

Yelp 5 star ratingThanks for being so nice and understanding!

Yelp 5 star ratingCynthia is highly knowledgeable in nutrition and vitamins.

Yelp 5 star ratingCynthia is brilliant. She really cares about each one of her clients, and does specifically what is needed for each one of us.

Yelp 5 star ratingShe has an answer for all of your questions and concerns. She explains everything so you will feel totally at ease. I have been going to Cynthia for years and would recommend her to anyone! She truly is an expert in her field!! One of a kind!!!