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Cynthia Furnberg is a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Functional Medicine and Hormone Balancing since 2005.  While treating her patients, she realized how much nutrition affected metabolic lab markers and biochemistry, so she went back to school and obtained her Master's Degree in Human Nutrition.

Cynthia also became a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS).  This is the highest credential you can get as a nutritionist.  To take this exam you must have your Master's Degree in nutrition and you must have spent 1,000 hours with patients for nutrition assessment, intervention, education, counseling, management, monitoring and nutrition evaluation.

In California, there is no license for nutrition, and practitioners can loosely call themselves a nutritionist/nutritional consultation with no degree or proper training.

There are some certifications that people can get from just reading one book, so be very careful about the education, training and the type of certification that the nutritionist has that you go to.

Always look for the CNS credential (as there are a lot of initials floating around that can be very confusing).

Cynthia Furnberg, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Featured Speaker at Love, Beauty + Wellness Festival


Cynthia worked for Dr. Watson at Watson Wellness (doctor to the stars for over seven years).

While working at this office, she received excellent training in helping patients work toward their optimal level of health.  During this time she had the advantage of reviewing several thousand lab results with patients, and making needed adjustments in their nutrition and supplements.

Although Cynthia is a Nurse Practitioner at at another office, she shes patients solely for nutrition at Well With Nutrition.  She set up this nutrition practice as she noticed that patients needed more extensive support to upgrade their  nutrition to reduce their intake of inflammatory, obesogenic foods that can lead to chronic disease.  Cynthia is also currently in grad school to obtain her Master's in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as acupuncture will give her even more treatment options for her patients.

Cynthia at desk at Well With Nutrition
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Cynthia has been featured in the
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Cynthia lecturing at the Love, Beauty, Wellness Festival

Cynthia lecturing at the Love, Beauty, Wellness Festival.