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Nutritional Programs

Now is the time to take control of your health and learn about making nutritional upgrades to your diet with nutritionally dense food that you like, while eliminating the inflammatory foods that cause constant cravings.  Learn about macronutrient combining to reduce glycemic load to stabilize blood sugar to reduce cravings.  This allows you to control food, rather than having food control you!

Also learn about how the amount and the timing of eating food, along with the amount of sleep, stress, body burdens, and environmental toxins can inhibit weight loss.

Do you have to eat on the go a lot?  Learn how to select the best options and take charge of what you eat and how it is prepared.

Below are some of the nutritional program options.  These in person programs will begin again after there are adequate medications or a vaccine for Covid 19.  In the interim, please see the Telehealth option on the home page:

Weight Loss/Heath Gain Ten Week Program

This program includes office visits every two weeks, telephonic visits every two weeks, grocery shopping visit (select stores), metabolic supplements, blood pressure check, body fat percentage, visceral fat percentage, muscle mass and resting metabolism levels.  Graduate to intermediate control, and maintenance programs after completing this program.

Group Visits

Group visits provide support from others that have the same goals as you.  You don't have to do this alone!  You'll definitely increase your success if you have others to supporting you, while you are supporting them in choosing food upgrades that they like.

Couples Visits

It can be so hard to change habits if your partner is still eating foods that you want to avoid.  Why not get healthier together?  Even if your partner is not interested in losing weight, removing inflammatory foods will aid in improving health and help in preventing chronic inflammatory diseases in the future.  Do it for the "future you"!

Parents Visits

Are you trying to set a better example for your children?  Do you want to learn about  which foods that you like, that will aid in your vitality and help your children flourish?  Look at what will help their developing brain and metabolism.  Give this gift to yourself and your children to be at your optimal weight to work on fending off chronic diseases that can reduce your input and influence in their life for decades to come.    Get to your optimal weight and stay there for them. They will learn and do the same!

Corporate Wellness

Well With Nutrition is available to conduct wellness education events that include employee assessments to determine who would like to take part in weight loss with nutrition upgrades to increase their foundation of health to aid in reducing sick days and increase vitality/productivity.  Concierge executive programs with advanced lab testing is also available.


* Lab tests upon doctor referral, or are patient-ordered.